Top 10 Former Players in NBA Who Broke Down 

From Allen Iverson to Antoine Walker, millions of dollars have been lost in the blink of an eye.

10. Jason Caffey

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Over the course of his NBA career, the former Chicago Bulls player earned close to $ 34 million.

Jason was "forced" to file for bankruptcy after being arrested for missing $ 10,000 monthly child support payments (10 infants baked by 8 separate women), which he was unable to verify owing to missing documentation. 

9. Dennis Rodman

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It would be unnecessary to write any further to explain the financial failure in which he played a key role. 30 million dollars is the total remuneration he has received throughout his career (to which must be added millionaire sponsorship contracts worth around 20 million dollars), but 30 (+20) million dollars is also the amount of money he has squandered over time due to his and his financial manager's mistakes.

He was sentenced to prison in 2012 after failing to make repeated payments (totaling $860,000) for the upbringing of his two daughters with his ex-wife Michelle. He was described as a severely ill individual by the ex-Chicago Bulls attorney, who was fighting to make ends meet month to month. 

He sacked his financial manager only a few years ago, accusing him of stealing money from him over time, fraudulently claiming to have graduated from Harvard, and failing to pay the bills that were presented to Rodman.

8. Eddy Curry

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In 2012, his Miami Heat won the NBA championship, but he did not set foot on the court in the playoffs. Eddy Curry was an outstanding American basketball prospect. On paper, however, a promise remained. Despite everything, he managed to amass a nice savings account of around 70 million dollars over the course of his ten-year career, and he was also the target of sexual claims and a tragic witness to his daughter's murder.

In 2008, he requested and received a 5-month loan of 580 thousand dollars with an interest rate of not too low: 85 percent, a figure that was only valid in Las Vegas. 

In the months that followed, Eddy declared that he could not pay because he had other bills to pay: 30 thousand dollars a month for cleaning a house with 17 thousand dollars in monthly rent, 20 thousand dollars a month for the personal chef, a thousand dollars a month for television and satellite connection, other expenses of $ 205,000 per month including food and lodging for family and friends, as well as compulsive shopping, and $ 350,000 in debt to Juwan Ho.

Curry was convicted in May 2010 by a Manhattan court to pay a monthly payment of $75,000 for the repayment of a debt to AllStarCapital (whose credit had increased to 1.5 million dollars in the meantime), which had achieved the foreclosure of a Rolls-Royce and two Land Rovers.

7. Derrick Coleman

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Earned 91 million dollars "and felt it". What happened to the 91 million dollars? Jewels, Bentleys, luxury furs, 40 Rolexes, but most importantly, bad investments in the Detroit area, which has since gone bankrupt. 

He could have been recognized for his on-court accomplishments in comparison to Karl Malone and Charles Barkley, but he had to declare bankruptcy in 2010 after being unable to pay $ 2.19 million in obligations owed to 50 to 90 separate creditors.

6. Shawn Kemp

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He soared higher than anyone else, mastered the game, and amassed a large fortune. Shawn Kemp is said to have made $92 million during his career, which he spent the majority of in Seattle and ended with three preseason games wearing Montegranaro's jersey.

His later bad situation was due to the fact that there were too many checks to pay for the upbringing of ten children from ten separate women. Add in a lack of financial management skills and out-of-character behavior: in 2005, he was arrested for possession of cocaine, marijuana, and a semi-automatic weapon. 

In 2006, he was detained for the second time for narcotics possession, a lesson he will never forget. His account is now valued at $200,000, according to reports. drug possession. Now his account is said to settle at $ 200,000.

5. Latrell Sprewell

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When you ask a basketball fan what the first thing that springs to mind about Sprewell is, the answer will always be because of the narrative about how, at the time, he turned down a three-year contract worth 21 million dollars because he felt it was too little to support his family.

Mismanagement and a life lived in luxury resulted in a loss of $100 million in earnings. The host of a yacht and a house. The majority of it has recently been foreclosed on, including a $5.4 million property. According to the most reliable sources, he has $50,000 in his bank account, enough to cover the rent of a modest apartment.

4. Vin Baker

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He's also a member of the prestigious "$100 Million Dollars Earned" group. He became lost in betting, terrible investments, and drink, rivers of alcohol, after 13 years in the NBA.

Vin Baker now works as a janitor at Starbucks, where he says he is delighted not to be "underground or in jail" and no longer drinks. When you've reached your limit, you'll know it's time to stop.

3. Scottie Pippen

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When playing for the Chicago Bulls, he was worth $ 120 million. Wasted, spent on living large, living large, and making disastrous investments.

The most well-known and dramatic example involves the purchase of a $4 million plane; the problem is that he did so without conducting a pre-buy inspection. The engine was discovered to be broken after the acquisition, requiring a $ 1 million repair. 

Scottie decided it was too much and opted to destroy it rather than pay the extra million. It was spoken and done in the blink of an eye. Scottie Pippen, on the other hand, appears to be on the mend.

2. Antoine Walker

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Antoine Walker had no chance of missing, and he didn't. Only the NBA contracts brought in $ 110 million. The world learned of his bankruptcy one year after his retirement from basketball (and his last multimillion salary): he had lost $12.7 million.

He was foreclosed on assets worth $ 4.3 million to cover part of the loan, sold all of his cars (2 Bentleys, 2 Mercedes, Range Rovers, Hammer, Maybach, Cadillac), and sold the NBA title ring in 2006 and was then arrested. To make ends meet, Antoine had to accept a $ 25,000 annual D-League deal from a friend, Nazr Mohammed.

1. Allen Iverson

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Number one in the field and, sadly, in this special rating as well. Mr. $ 200 million Allen Iverson It's difficult to think he spent it all, but that's the fact.

The same huge good life that has wrecked the lives of numerous NBA players who have come from nothing. But there is a way out for Iverson: the sponsorship contract he inked with Reebook, which would pay him $ 32 million when he is 55. 

However, only a few years ago, it was revealed that, in order to save his marriage, AI had agreed to sign a contract in which the 32 million dollars would go to Tawant if the former 76ers player failed to keep various pledges.

We don't even go into detail about how it turned out. Tawant only postponed her divorce, which was formalized in 2013, and the $ 32 million remained in her possession until she reached the age of 55. Tawant agreed to pay him at least half of the money anyway, perhaps out of sympathy. Iverson and Tawant appear to have reconciled their differences.

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