Before and after: top 10 NBA Players Who Have Altered the Most

Time passes for everyone, even NBA players. Here are ten players who have changed the most. Let's take a look at people who have aged and changed their appearance.

When you come across any old images of the athletes in question, it can make you grin or give you an impression, depending on how they are now. As a result, we've gathered some unusual situations, which you may find in the following sheets.

Marco Belinelli

Marco debuted in the League in 2007 as the quintessential Italian twenty-year-old of the time: a bashful young man with thick hair and a shaved face.

Beli achieved the zenith of his physical and mental maturation a decade later, proving to be a highly respectable supporting actor, crucial to a solid economy team with his three-point shot. 

The maturity that even his body shows, with more defined musculature than before and a beard that has grown considerably thicker on a face that has become possibly harsher.

Manu Ginobili

Manu would probably look the same today as he did in 2002, the year he made his Spurs jersey debut if it weren't for his baldness.

The Argentine had to give up his long hair, which now only measures a few millimeters but is frequently replaced by a clean beard.

Carmelo Anthon

Photo: nypost

Anthony only played one year at the NCAA level before making the huge leap to the pros. He was just twenty years old when he joined the NBA and, as a result of his youth, he still had certain adolescent reminiscences.

In 2003, Anthony's face still had the beard that the Knicks player now wears on occasion; also, she braided his hair. Today, the boy's braids have been replaced by a more sober cut, and his body, now adorned with a few more tattoos, has undergone a transition similar to that of many NBA players, marked by an increase in muscle mass and accompanying weight gain.

Kevin Love

Photo: snakkle

Kevin Love is one of those guys who chose a style that we could almost call vintage because it harkens back to the 1970s: the slightly chubby cheeks have given way to more defined features, surrounded by a beard that has grown since her first year in Minnesota; on the other hand, his hair has simply grown longer.

James Harden

Photo: snakkle

It may sound unusual, but James Harden hasn't always had a beard: some images from his college days when he didn't have one can be found on the internet.

Despite this, Beard joined the Thunder with a well-defined beard, which he later allowed to grow, making him one of the NBA's most identifiable icons today.

Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver's blond bob and beardless face made him look like he was straight out of a boy band in his debut.

After a few years, the beard is still shy, but the hair is now cut nicely for a boy his age, giving Korver a more mature appearance.

JR Smith

JR Smith's visage has remained largely unchanged, as has his outgoing personality. Her body, not so much in terms of muscle, weight, or fat percentage, but in terms of tattoos, was what changed him.

JR could demonstrate approximately a dozen when he landed in New Orleans. They may appear excessive, but they pale in comparison to what JR can now display: his chest, arms, back, and neck are completely covered in ink.

Chris Kaman

Chris Kaman is suffering from yet another bout of baldness, so his style change was most likely not entirely his decision.

In the lack of the hair that he used to have in his Clippers jersey, the League's forgotten center had to rely on a long blond beard: this inversion has made Kaman now seem extremely different from his early years of career

Steven Adams

Photo: fadeawayworld

He was born in New Zealand and is the cousin of former Italian basketball player Riccardo Morandotti. He traveled to America in 2011 to finish his senior year of high school and then only one year at University Pittsburg before getting drafted by the Thunder.

A player who, as a result, can draw on influences from three different parts of the globe, and Oklahoma fans have come to love him for it, as well as for his on-field performances and his character; but, above all, they have come to love him for his distinctive new look: long hair, a stubble beard, and a rather unique mustache, perhaps never before seen in the NBA.

Chris Andersen

Photo: pinterest

Even if it no longer walks the primary NBA parquet, the center has undergone the most drastic transformation, in fact, a complete transformation. Because, despite his appearance as a seemingly harmless young man with only a few tattoos and a good boy face, Chris Andersen has evolved into a sort of human mural. 

Almost the entire body is covered in tattoos of a thousand colors, except the face, which he has replaced with a long beard. In summary, Chris has undergone a change that has rendered him virtually unrecognizable.

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